Looch Magnetic Screen Door – High Quality Grid

Open up your living space into something breezier and inviting with the Looch Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door sits in between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, allowing easy access to both areas without having to constantly open and close a traditional screen door. This mesh door instead uses 26 powerful magnets that are sewn into the central seams of the screen door, allowing it to seal shut in a powerful and tight way. When someone passes through it, however, the magnets will part without fuss, letting you walk through it without needing to use your hands. Because of this, kids and pets can more easily come in and out to play in the yard without an adult needing to allow them access to it. This also makes it convenient for busy adults carrying in groceries or moving other items in and out.

The Looch Magnetic Screen Door is built to last out of top quality mesh material, that of which is fine enough to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from getting inside while still permitting the passage of airflow in and out to keep the home fresh and breezy. The toughness of the mesh material means it can withstand exposure to weather, while the gravity sticks at the bottom of the door prevents it from blowing open in windy, gusty environments. The door is simple to install in only minutes and is designed to be fitted on entryways that measure no more than 34 inches by 82 inches in size.

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