• Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door

Lazy Monk Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

This spring and summer, you can enjoy a more pleasant living space both indoors and outdoors just by installing the Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door in between the door connecting both. This screen door can hang on any doorway and help prevent bugs from getting inside while still allowing plenty of fresh air to get inside. The door does this through its heavy duty, thick mesh that is crafted into small grids to permit airflow but no bugs. The mesh rests on either side of the seam, which has magnets running down its length in order to provide a seal that leaves behind no gaps and weak spots for bugs to get in through.

The seam can easily be walked through without the need to use your hands, and after you have come out on the other side, it will close up automatically so you can just go on your way. Because of the weight and design, your kids and pets can walk through the screen door with ease as well, stopping you from having to let them in and out when they want to go into the yard. The Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door comes with a complete kit that will make installation a breeze and won’t require you to use any additional tools in order to set it up or take it back down. It can be used on doors that measure a maximum size of 29 inches in width by 82 inches in height.

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