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KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Gnat, Fruit Fly, Mosquito Killer

Having bugs swarming around your kitchen and living room can make spending time in your home feel like a nuisance. This is especially true in the summer and spring when all you want to do is open your window and let the fresh air in, because with the warm air comes a slew of unwanted insects who would also like to slip into your home. Even with screens put in, small bugs can still get through the small holes, leaving you feeling frustrated. With this KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap, you can get rid of the bugs that swarm your home without any sort of chemical output or loud, startling zap sounds filling the home.

This KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a modern bug trap that is specifically designed for use inside your home. Instead of luring bugs in with chemical releases, it has a super powerful UV light that has a strong and attractive glow, which is 10 times as effective as other similar lights. This bug indoor trap has a fan that sucks in the bugs when they get close enough to the machine and pulls them right into the glue traps that are waiting inside. Once the disc shaped glue trap has become full you can simply remove and replace it to start catching more bugs.

Everything from tiny noseeums and gnats to larger fruit flies and moths can be trapped inside of the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap. Simply place it in the area of the room that is experiencing the largest infestation to eliminate the problem. Its sleek design gives it an unsuspecting look on countertops and shelves.

Get rid of your bug problem around fruits, trash and more with the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap. Click add to cart now.

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KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito Killer – UV Light, Fan, Sticky Glue Boards Trap Even The Tiniest Flying Bugs – No Zapper – (White)

POWERFUL AND ATTRACTIVE UV LIGHT Using a strong UV light, this bug indoor trap attracts bugs to it with 10 times the efficacy of similar traps where the bug is then sucked in using the fan and sticks to the glue board

EFFECTIVELY TRAPS ALL KINDS OF BUGS This indoor insect trap can pull in noseeums, mosquitos, fruit flights, gnats and even moths, keeping your home free from various flying pests

SAFE FOR INDOOR USE Because it uses no chemicals or electrical zaps, with this insect trap, indoor control of pests is made possible without affecting the residents of the home

MODERN AND SLEEK DESIGN When you use these bug traps indoors, you won’t have to worry about creating an eyesore thanks to the contemporary appearance that fits in easily to any space

EASY TO REMOVE FILTERS By using this bug trap, indoor pest control becomes as simple as turning it on and removing the disc shaped glue traps when they become dirty