innotree Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door

Provide an effective barrier between your indoor living space and your outdoor space with the innotree 2020 Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door is designed to allow fresh air to come into your space while keeping out any insects and other such pests. This is due to its high quality, heavy duty mesh that is small enough to keep out flying bugs while still being open enough as not to inhibit the flow of air. It is made out of premium polyester with smaller grids to serve this purpose.

The innotree 2020 Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door features 32 magnetic strips running down the center where you can part it as you walk through it without having to use your hands, which makes it particularly convenient when bringing in groceries or running in and out during barbecues and parties. Kids and pets can also easily make their way in and out due to this feature, eliminating the need for you to constantly help them get into the yard when they want to go. It is designed to be easy to install without the need for extra tools. The kit comes with everything you need for assembly, including the full frame hook and loop that will not only let you install the mesh screen easily but also allow you to take it down with just as much ease when you want to remove it. It is designed to fit on doors that measure 39 inches in width by 82 inches in length.

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