IKSTAR Magnetic Screen Door Cover

Having both an indoor and outdoor living space helps you make the most of your home and what it has to offer. Still, going in and out of the house to access both leaves you running the risk of letting flies and pests in through the door when you have it wide open. With the Magnetic Screen Door Cover IKSTAR Double Mesh Curtain with Full Frame, you can enjoy all of the breeziness and fresh air flowing in and out of your house without any of the bugs, all while making it easier than ever to move between the spaces hands-free.

This IKSTAR Double Mesh Curtain with Full Frame is crafted out of mesh material with openings that are large enough to allow the wind to come through but small enough to stop unwanted bugs from doing the same. Because of its ability to easily open and close without the need for a handle, you can walk through it with your hands free, making carrying groceries and children more convenient. Kids and pets can also go in and out of the space on their own without issue, thanks to the lightweight nature of the door. The magnets that secure the two flaps shut are strong enough to provide a tight seal but still light enough to be easily pushed through without any effort. This screen door is designed to fit most standard-sized doors, making it great for patio entrances, balconies, decks, front doors, back doors and beyond. It comes complete with a full frame and hook and loop mechanism.


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