Hudson 99598 Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer

Get rid of annoying flying pests and other such insects once and for all with the Hudson 99598 Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer, Commercial/portable (Renewed). The electric sprayer is designed to target even the smallest of pests, thanks to the spray it emits that has a particle size of the fog between 22 and 46 microns with the average droplet only 20 microns. The spray is powerful and can shoot as far as 13.5 feet, letting you cover more ground with a single sweep than many other foggers allow for. The fogger comes with a two-gallon tank that you can adjust to choose just how much of the fogging solution is released per hour from as little as 1.5 gallons to 14 gallons depending on the size of your space and its specific needs, ensuring that none of your fogger solution goes to waste on smaller jobs. It is made to be easy and comfortable to carry around, thanks to the lightweight tank made of poly material. The sprayer comes with a comfortable carrying strap that lets you tote it around on your shoulder to help bear some of the weight as you travel around to spray manually.

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