It happens many a times simple solutions are ignored while heading in the direction of the technology in this advancing world. Homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle is one such thing. High technology would focus on medicines and chemicals to control the mosquitoes and pests which leave our life troubled all the time. There would be hardly anyone who would focus on homemade stuff, which at the end matters. Mosquito control trap and ways to control mosquitoes are topics on the peak.

homemade mosquito trap 2 litre bottle


How to build homemade mosquito trap 2 liter bottle?

Homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle can be easily made at home within no time. All one require is a two litre bottle, water, yeast, brown sugar and the work is done. First of all it is essential to cut the 2 litre bottle into half and then overturn the upper cut half portion onto the next one. It is necessary to boil the water and put the brown sugar in it. After the solution cools add it into the half cut bottle and add yeast into it. Adding yeast will create carbon dioxide that, on the other hand, would catch the attention of mosquitoes. You can even wrap the bottle with black cloth as mosquitoes are attracted towards the black and place it in some corner where the mosquitoes enter the room or a house. Leave the top uncovered. Also, it is advised to change the solution every week in order to properly control the nuisance of mosquitoes. It works wonders. This is a homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle is a technique far away from the high tech chemicals, sprays and lotions available in the market.

homemade mosquito trap using bottle

The chemical sprays and other techniques available, contain toxic materials that give out fumes. If used in the house these fumes are taken in by humans while breathing. It can cause the human beings a lot of harm and in certain cases result as fatal too. The chemical mosquito repellents also tend to have materials that can cause skin allergies and other such skin problems. To avoid all that, homemade remedies like the homemade mosquito trap using 2 litre bottle are best and easy to use.

homemade mosquito trap

Made at home with complete organic and human body friendly materials, these manage to keep away mosquitoes and at the same time do not cause problems. One can add a personal choice of fragrance while making them so that there is a pleasant smell in the place as well, unlike the chemical repellents that give out a pungent chemical smell that is not very pleasing and can cause nausea.

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