How to Handle Gnat Bites

At first thought, gnat bites may not seem worth your worry, but there are actually a few substantial issues that can arise after being bit by one of these tiny pests. Imagine yourself taking care of a bit of gardening chores on a moist summer afternoon. You hear the tiniest buzzing sound—almost like a hum. You look around and notice a few black dots hovering around your head. You swat the air absently and resume your task. As time goes on, the buzzing becomes louder and you feel the slightest tickle on your face, neck, and arms. You stop and take in the scene, only to realize that while you were gardening you inadvertently became the target of a gnat swarm. This is a pretty common scenario in the summer time, especially in moist areas, such as near a river or lake, or even in your own yard after a summer thunderstorm.

What are Gnats?

The word gnat is actually a very loose term because it does not refer to any one specific type of insect. Most of us assume that a gnat is simply a baby fly, but a gnat can be one of many flying insects. The most common types are the black fly, midge, Hessian fly, gall gnat, sand fly, fruit fly, fungus gnat, and mosquito. Gnats can be found both inside and outside the home, which means that we all stand a moderate risk of experiencing gnat bites at some point. If you spend a lot of time outside or if you have indoor plants, then you might find yourself to be at an even greater risk of being bitten by a gnat. Gnats lay their eggs in sandy spots near water, such as ponds or lakes. Most species prefer moist, warm locations where there are plenty of plants and roots to feed off of. Some gnat species feed solely off of plants, fungus, or rotting fruit, while others are carnivorous and feed off of the blood of animals or humans.

Gnat female

Gnats can be found all over the world. You have likely even found them buzzing around your home from time to time, especially if you’ve left over-ripened fruit on the counter for a while or if you have house plants that tend to be over-watered. Those of us that live near creeks, ponds, or other bodies of water are also more likely to find various gnat species lurking around.

Symptoms of Gnat Bites

Gnat bites are uncomfortable to say the least. The type of symptoms that you might experience from a gnat bite really depends upon what type of gnat has bitten you and you own body’s response to such an occurrence. In fact, most people don’t even realize that they have been bitten by a gnat because most bites tend to be asymptomatic, that is, without symptoms. Those that do experience symptoms with gnat bites are usually first plagued by an itching sensation around the bitten skin. If the area is scratched, the skin will likely raise in a pimple-like fashion with redness around the bite. The itching sensation can last for several days, especially if you give in to the impulse to scratch. Some gnats even tear at the skin to take in their meal rather than puncturing it with a needle-like nose, such as mosquitoes do, which can leave a red, bloody mark at the site of the bite.

Allergic Reaction to Gnat Bites

In most cases, the worst reaction to a gnat bite occurs if an allergic reaction takes place. While allergies to gnat bites aren’t necessarily common, they do occur once in a while. The primary symptoms of an insect bite allergy include a skin rash, blistering, severe swelling, and bruising. Most allergic reactions are caused by saliva that is secreted by some species of gnat. The saliva includes proteins that prevent the blood from immediately clotting so that the insect can easily extract a filling meal.

It is very unlikely that an allergic reaction to a gnat bite will be as severe as a reaction to, say, a bee or wasp sting. If you do experience an allergic reaction to a gnat bite, then it is recommended that you take an antihistamine medication such as Benadryl. This will bring down the swelling, redness, and irritation. The bite may continue to itch for a few days but the other symptoms should go away within a few hours of taking antihistamine medicine.

When to See a Doctor

While we usually don’t feel the need to visit a doctor over the issue of a gnat bite, there are some circumstances in which it would definitely be appropriate to visit your doctor. A bite from any type of insect always carries the risk of a bacterial infection. If you consider the type of environments that insets tend to frequent, then you’ll understand the risks of contracting a bacterial infection from a bite. Signs of infection include increasing redness and odd discoloration, yellow-ish colored liquid seeping from the bite, increased pain, failure to heal, and, eventually, red streaks emitting outwards from the bite. Bacterial infections should be treated with an antibiotic, which you will need to obtain by prescription from your doctor.

Health Enterprises Bite Away Stick

Bite Away Stick

When you spend a lot of time outdoors whether that means working in the yard or going adventuring in the wild, bug bites are relatively inescapable. If biting insects have managed to get past your bug screen product and nipped your skin anyway, the Health Enterprises Bite Away Stick can help relieve the swelling and itching that comes with it, so you are less likely to pick and scratch at it, resulting in swifter healing from the bite.

The Health Enterprises Bite Away Stick is an external treatment for stings and bites of all different types of insects including mosquitos, gnats, horseflies, wasps, hornets, bees and more. It can be used right away after the bite occurs or hours later when you notice the bite to minimize the sting and help to lower the risk of it swelling up. It is simple to carry around with you, thanks to its compact design so you will always have it in your camping pack or outdoor bag, right at your disposal.

Using the Health Enterprises Bite Away Stick couldn’t be any easier. After noticing the bite, you can press one of the two starting buttons to switch on the product and let it heat up. Once it is heated, you can press it to the bite to alleviate the symptoms. There is a special setting that is ideal for those who have sensitive skin, including children. Lessen your suffering from bug bites with the help of this bite away stick by Health Enterprises. Order yours today .

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Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT Bug Guard PLUS Gnat Repellent

AVON Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus

Before heading out into the great outdoors, protecting yourself from bug bites is a step you should take just as you would to protect yourself from the sun. Spraying on sticky, stinky bug spray is a process that many find unappealing, making this a step that many are reluctant to take. With this AVON Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus, you can protect yourself from bugs without any stickiness in the form of a lotion that hydrates the skin and puts a layer of bug screen on it at the same time.

The AVON Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus is a high-quality bug screen that uses non-toxic DEET to get the job done. It has a non-greasy formula that will leave you feeling as if you have just put on some lotion before leaving the house. This bug screen is mixed with aloe and vitamin E to nourish and soothe the skin all at once. The product is particularly useful against deer ticks, mosquitos, gnats, black flies and no-seeums. It has a light Gentle Breeze scent that is not so strong that it will attract more bugs like some similar products. Not only does this product ward off biting insects, it also contains SPF 30 sunscreen, helping to protect your skin both from bites and from harmful UV rays at the same time.

This LOT OF 3 AVON Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535 SPF 30 Insect Repellent Lotions 4 fl oz comes in a set of three so that you are prepared no matter where you go. Order yours today.

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Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap

Whether you are looking for some relief from flying pests while camping or just want to clear your indoor and outdoor living spaces of these critters, there are a few paths to take, but not all of them are pleasant. Instead of spraying down your house with noxious chemicals, lighting citronella candles or hanging unsightly sticky fly strips, try the cute Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap instead. This trap is made to look like a butterfly, so that it serves just as easily as a decoration as it does a way to stop bugs from overwhelming your space.

Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap Yellow Sticky Bug Traps for Indoor/Outdoor Use – Insect Catcher for White Flies, Mosquitos, Fungus Gnats, Flying Insects – Disposable Glue Trappers – 25 Pk

The Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap has a dual-sided body that has a sticky adhesive on both sides, so that no matter which direction the bugs are flying, they will get stuck when they come in contact with the trap. All you have to do to use it is Peel off a trap from the stack and place it in houseplants, in the kitchen or in the garden. The trap has a bendable hooks that will make it easy to hang from just about anything, no matter where you want to use it. When used in a garden, you can get rid of pests without having to use harsh chemicals like insecticides and pesticides which might damage your garden. It also is great for sticking on the inside of a tent when you are camping. The pack comes with 25 yellow butterfly glue traps to ensure you always have some on hand.

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Gnat Spray – BUG SOOTHER Spray Bonus Pack


When looking for a way to protect your skin from biting insects, the idea of spraying yourself down with sticky chemicals that leave a rather gross-feeling film on your skin is understandably unappealing. Yet you do not have to sacrifice your smooth, happy skin for lack of a bug spray when you instead use this BUG SOOTHER Spray Bonus Pack. This BUG SOOTHER Spray Bonus Pack comes with three Bug Soother products, each one made with premium ingredients that not only repel insects from your skin but also soothe and moisturize your skin like a lotion as well.

The BUG SOOTHER Spray Bonus Pack is ideal for use against bugs such as horseflies, fruit flies, fleas, mosquitos, gnats and more. The repellant is made from all-natural ingredients including purified water, castor oil, glycerin and vitamin E that soak into the skin to help nourish and hydrate it. It is blended with soy lecithin, which is an all-natural emulsifier to help trap in moisture while still warding off insects. The 100 percent pure lemongrass oil mixed with vanilla gives it a nice, subtle scent that isn’t so aromatic to attract more bugs. It can be used not only by adults and children alike but is also safe for use with farm animals, thanks to its natural ingredients. Spray some in your garden to help keep beetles out of it without killing, wilting or otherwise harming your plants. Stay protected against bugs in a natural way when you bring home your own BUG SOOTHER Spray Bonus Pack – Includes Free 1 oz. Travel Size. (2, 8 oz.) – Natural Mosquito, Gnat and Insect Deterrent with Essential Oils – Safe for Adults, Kids, Pets, Environment – Made in USA.

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Electronic Insect Killer, Mosquito Gnat Trap for Indoor and Outdoor

Maxtrv 4 Pack Plug in Electronic Gnat Killer

Getting rid of the bugs and pests in your home can be a tricky process if you don’t want to expose your living space to harmful sprays or don’t want to light citronella candles. These items that can be irritating to breathe in and potentially harmful for pets and family members. With this Maxtrv Plug in Bug Zapper, you can target different rooms in the home without having to put out any harmful insect killers. Instead, this product works by zapping bugs after it has attracted them to it, killing them on the spot without any type of poison.

Maxtrv 4 Pack Plug in Electronic Insect Killer Bug Zapper Mosquito Lure Lamp Pest Control Eliminates Flying Pests Gnat Trap Indoor with Night Light

The Maxtrv Plug in Bug Zapper is a miniaturized version of classic bug zappers and can be plugged directly into the power sockets in the different rooms of the house. It spreads out light in all directions, which not only provides a pleasant soft glow but also attracts more bugs toward it. When the bugs touch it, it electrocutes them on the spot. It is an odorless product and works well on bugs such as fruit flies, gnats, mosquitos and other small flying insects that make it into your home.

The Maxtrv Plug in Bug Zapper is safe, thanks to its chemical and radiation free design that relies only on light and electricity to get the job done, making it non-toxic and safe for homes, hospitals, offices and other small commercial applications. There are four of these Maxtrv Plug in Bug Zappers in the pack for use in various rooms in your space.

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