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GLORYFIRE Mosquito Net for Camping

When you’re preparing to go on a big camping trip and are packing up all of the essentials, the GLORYFIRE Tactical Camping Mosquito Net is something you won’t want to leave out of your pack. This lightweight, portable and easy-to-tote mosquito netting allows you to pitch it up over any tent or hammock to effectively stop the mosquitos and other biting insects from pestering you as you try to relax outdoors.

GLORYFIRE Camping Mosquito Net Four Corners Enhanced Tactical Mosquito Net Outdoor Mosquito Net Bar Olive Drab
The ultra-lightweight netting is crafted out of high-density mesh that still manages to be breathable and cool with plenty of air circulation, so that relaxing inside of the net feels as breezy as if you were sitting outside of it. The mesh is soft and elastic, able to move to and fro without ripping open or getting torn. The four reinforced hanging corners make it a stronger choice than other nets, as the corners won’t easily fray or wear down, no matter how often you hang it.

The GLORYFIRE Tactical Camping Mosquito Net measures a total size of 82.75 inches by 39.5 inches by 68.75 inches and folds down into a tiny storage package measuring 8.97 inches by 3.9 inches, making it easy to stick into your pack without taking up too much space or even adding weight to it. The net makes an excellent choice for those who like to hunt, thanks to its rich olive green color that allows it to effectively blend into the rest of your surroundings.

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