Premium Magnetic Screen Door – Instant Bug Mesh

You’ve got a lot of things to protect in your home including your home itself. If you want to give yourself the peace of mind that comes from having a quality screen door operating at your own pace, than this fly screen door is going to be here to help you out.

This will connect easily to the frame you’ve got and will give you the comfort that you’re looking for in terms of ease of installation. Likewise, the magnetic closures are carefully sewn into the seam of the joiner in the middle so that it will stay snapped shut as soon as you go through it from one side to another. With strong and sturdy velcro all around the edges, it’ll be perfect for guaranteeing to stay in place over your door frame too.

This is safe to use for kids and pets so that everyone can move around as they need to and stay safe from the insects and bugs that are trying to make their way into your home. Quality mesh will ensure that the bugs stay outdoors where they belong, leaving you to enjoy the fresh cool air coming in without the nuisance of flies.

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