Fly Insect Screen Door, Magnetic Curtain

Screen doors go a long way toward providing you the perfect transitional area between the indoor and outdoor living areas of your home. Even so, standard screen doors have some issues that make them more of a nuisance than anything. With the Fly Insect Screen Door Magnetic Mesh Retractable Door Curtain, you can enjoy all of the breezy benefits of having a screen door without all of the trouble that standard ones can cause.

The Fly Insect Screen Door is a self-closing screen door that does an excellent job at keeping flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other bugs from getting in your home while still allowing fresh air to flow in and out. The screen door opens and closes using magnets instead of the need for door handles, allowing you to walk in and out of its hands-free. This is especially useful when you are entertaining or coming into the house with groceries or kids in your arms.

Kids and dogs can also take advantage of the convenience of this screen door as the magnets are strong enough to stay closed but giving enough to easily part when someone moves through it. Eighteen pairs of strong magnets create a firm seal that won’t blow open even on a windy day or even when a large, enthusiastic dog runs through it.

The Fly Insect Screen Door Magnetic Mesh Retractable Door Curtain is designed for use on virtually all doors with its size of 35 inches by 83 inches being perfectly suited for most door sizes.

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