New Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Door

Keep the pests of the outside from getting into your home while still allowing fresh air to fill your space when you install the Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door sits in most doorways and provides a simple barrier between your home and the outside world using small grids in the high quality mesh, which are the perfect size for letting in air but nothing more. The screen features 14 ultra-long magnets that run down the length of the opening of the screen to give you a sealed, firm closure without any gaps in between, promising no weak spots for bugs to get through.

The Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Door is built to last out of high quality fiberglass, a material that is 10 times as well suited for the job as nylon or polyester in the way that it is resistant to all kinds of damage, including rips and tears and even chemical erosion. The commercial grade fiberglass mesh is also heavy enough that it will keep straight as it hangs and won’t cause any wrinkles or gaps to form. It is also known to be fire resistant, making it particularly beneficial against cigarette burns.

The screen door is designed to allow you to walk through it with ease and without needing to use your hands. This makes it easy for kids and pets to come in and go out with just as much ease. It fits door frames as large as 24 inches in width by 82 inches in height.

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