Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh, Bug Face Shield

Make fishing and other outdoor adventures more comfortable than ever before when you wear this EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh. This head net is designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible with holes so small and thin that the fine mesh won’t obscure your vision as you enjoy your afternoon outdoors. It provides 360-degree protection and can fit over hats while still connecting at the base of the neck to stop mosquitos before they even have a chance to get near your skin.

EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh, Ultra Large, Extra Fine Holes, Insect Netting, Bug Face Shield, Soft Durable Fly Screen, Protection for Any Outdoor Lover, Carry Bag, No Chemicals Added

The mesh of the EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh also makes it breathable and cool to wear, thanks to its lightweight design littered with holes that will allow the breeze to come through but not the bugs. It is large in size and designed to fit both with and without headwear, measuring 24.5 inches around the top while the bottom stretches out to as much as 39.5 inches. It has a total height of 23.5 inches. There is a drawstring with a toggle at the bottom that you can pull to be sure that the mesh doesn’t leave any gaps open around the base of your neck. Not only is the EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh a great choice for outdoorsmen and women, but it is also perfect for those who want to garden unbothered, work in the yard, travel to new places or simply sit outside to enjoy the fresh air.

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