EVEN NATURALS Luxury Pop Up Mosquito Net Tent

With an easy-to-open, self-holding frame and luxurious mosquito netting, you can create a bug-free place to sleep and relax in no time at all using this EVEN NATURALS Luxury Pop Up Mosquito Net. The mosquito net rests on a pop up frame that gives it a simple functionality, ready to protect you in seconds using its high-quality mesh material. This mesh is not only remarkably soft and luxurious to the touch, but is made with more than 380 tiny precision holes over every single square inch. This allows the net to stop even the smallest bugs and mosquitos from slipping through the net, allowing you to enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep.
EVEN NATURALS Luxury Pop Up Mosquito Net Tent, Large: for Twin to King Size Bed, Extra Fine Holes, Canopy with Lace, Folding Design with Bottom, 2 Entries, Easy to Install, Storage Bag, No Chemicals

Because of its instantaneous setup and unique dome-shaped design, the netting also makes a good choice for those who want an extra layer of protection at night when camping in a tent or even just sleeping under the stars. It measures an overall size of 80 inches in length by 71 inches in width by 63 inches in height and is able to fit over large spaces, including areas as big as a queen size bed. When camping, you and one other person can easily fit inside of the EVEN NATURALS Luxury Pop Up Mosquito Net Tent. On your way to and from the campsite, you can enjoy the ease of transporting it that comes with the included carrying bag that allows you to tote it to and fro without cluttering up your camping gear.

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