Even Naturals Luxury Mesh Canopy Mosquito Net

Whether you want to create a dreamier feeling in your bedroom, a magical spot in your outdoor living space or are hoping to protect yourself from bugs and mosquitos while camping, the Even Naturals Luxury Mesh Canopy is ready to help. The canopy is supported by a circular frame at the top where it hangs down to cover everything from a twin bed to a king bed with its extra-large base. The opening on both sides makes it easy for you to get in and out of the canopy without getting tangled in the net, and you won’t need to crawl over your partner to do it.

EVEN NATURALS Luxury Bed Canopy Mosquito Net, Largest: for Single to King Size, Quick Easy Installation, Finest Holes: Mesh 380, Curtain Netting, 2 Entries, Storage Bag, No Chemicals Added

The Even Naturals Luxury Mesh Canopy is crafted out of strong netting with tiny holes that are capable of keeping out even the smallest of mosquitos, gnats and biting insects. Eliminate the need for spraying yourself down with toxic bug spray or polluting your surrounding environment with similar chemicals just to enjoy a pleasant evening on the patio or campground, thanks to the many small holes in the netting. There are more than 380 holes per inch of mesh to ensure that pesky insects won’t get through, and there is plenty of space for airflow to keep you feeling cool. The canopies are every bit as useful ad protective as they are strong, and when it comes time to clean them, they can easily be tossed into the washing machine without having to worry about them becoming weaker.

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