DOOREASY Magnetic Screen Door Black

Make entertaining easier and summer living that much more relaxing when you install the DOOREASY Magnetic Screen Screen Door. This screen door can be easily hung in any entryway of your home to serve as light but reliable protection against bugs and insects flying into your home without having to worry about the slams of heavy metal framed screen doors that are traditionally installed. The product can be attached to your doorframe without the need for any additional tools, letting you install it in minutes with just what comes in the box, so you can start enjoying it straight away.

The DOOREASY Magnetic Screen Screen Door not only keeps insects out while allowing the flow of fresh air in and out of the home but also allows your children and pets to easily walk through it whenever they want to go into the yard without you needing to let them in and out, giving the whole family more freedom. The screen door splits in the center and will allow you to walk through it without even having to use your hands, which is especially beneficial when entertaining or when coming home with groceries in your arms. Once you have walked through the screen, it will close behind you right away and seal back up using the high powered magnets that are attached to it. The bottom weight bars keep it closed until you’re ready to walk through it again and won’t even come open when a strong gust of wind blows through.

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