Delxo Magnetic Screen Door with Magnets

Make it easier than ever to enjoy your indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly with the Delxo Magnetic Screen Door. This magnetic screen door replaces loud, squeaky, traditional metal screen doors with a silent and convenient hanging mesh door while still serving the same purpose. It is fashioned out of premium mesh material that is high density, leaving holes just small enough for ample airflow to come through it while still being large enough to allow for the passage of air from outside to inside. The mesh itself is durable and resistant against weather damage, including everything from hot sun to driving rain to the gustiest of winds without blowing open or becoming damaged.

In the center of the Delxo Magnetic Screen Door are strong magnets that easily keep the door closed tightly. There are a total of 26 magnets, ensuring that the seam is properly outlined and no gaps will form. When you want to walk through it, you can do so without needing to use your hands, a feature that is also beneficial if you live in a home with children and pets who like to wander in and out of it on their own. Once someone has passed through the threshold, the magnets automatically pull the mesh door closed again without your intervention. At the bottom of the mesh door are gravity sticks that keep the mesh hanging taut and stops it from being blown open. The door is designed for use on entryways measuring 39 inches by 82 inches.

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