Cyttengo Magnetic Screen Door Best for Wood Frame

Get a screen door that you can rely on with the Cyttengo Magnetic Screen Door. This high quality screen door is best suited for use in areas where wind and weather is an issue, as its super strong seal will not allow it to blow open, no matter how gusty it gets. The screen door features 26 strong magnets that run down the center to keep it closed, and while they won’t open in the wind, they are easy to walk through without any effort on your part when you want to get in and out of the house. There is also no need for using your hands to open it, which is particularly beneficial for carrying groceries and other items into the house without having to fumble for a handle. Kids and pets can enter and exit the space with ease as well due to its design that isn’t heavy enough to need any real effort to cross through.

The Cyttengo Magnetic Screen Door is made out of premium durable, scratch resistant material that won’t get snagged on a pet’s claws or otherwise succumb to rips and tears. It features small grids that are the perfect size for letting in airflow uninhibited, while eliminating any chance for big and small insects to get, such as annoying flies. This screen door is simple to install and comes with the premium metal thumbtacks and hook and loop mechanism that you need to get it installed quickly right out of the box.

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