Crocnfrog Mosquito Net for Baby Stroller

You always go the extra mile to protect your baby from everything from the biggest dangers like the sweltering sun to the smallest precautions like soft clothes that won’t irritate their skin. With the Crocnfrog Mosquito Net for Baby Stroller, you can now take the protection and comfort of your little one one step further by covering their stroller or crib with a breathable, protective netting. This mosquito net is perfect for protecting your little one from small gnats, biting insects and mosquitoes while you are out shopping or enjoying a stroll outside.

Croc n frog Mosquito Net for Baby Stroller, Crib, Pack and Play, Bassinet, Playpen | Mosquiteros para Cunas De Bebes | Large, Elastic, and Breathable
The Crocnfrog Mosquito Net for Baby Stroller allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without slathering your baby in potentially irritating bug screen, as it repels and keeps away the bugs all on its own. The net measures 44 centimeters by 47 centimeters in size and fits perfectly over most standard size baby strollers and cribs. The strong mesh material is not only durable and strong but also soft, so that if your baby touches it, it won’t feel uncomfortable against their skin. The net goes one step further to ensure their comfort entirely as they go through the outdoors with you by being completely odorless and non-toxic. The holes throughout the mosquito net are so small that not even the smallest of pests can make their way through it to get at your child. The net can be installed over a crib or stroller in seconds.

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