UnBugs Premium Mesh Magnetic Screen Door

If you’re hoping to find the right kind of protection for your loved ones and insects, than you’ve found a great bug screen that is going to give you what you’re looking for. This will instal within minutes to the doors between 38”-82” and create a solid and dependable protection against the insects that are hoping to get into your home and take up residence, there. While you might not be aware of how sneaky these guys are, when you have a quality mesh screen in place, you’ll just how useful this is to keep your home insect-free.
This is safe to use for people and pets and is intended specifically for hands-free operation. The strong magnets all through the middle seam are invisible to the naked eye and will help you to see why ti is so valuable. This is the ideal screen to have for those who are trekking back and forth with groceries or want their pets to be able to go back and forth while enjoying fresh, insect-free air at the same time.

Perfect for the modern home owner who is looking for quality and reliability, this will certainly deliver in all ways.

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