Bell + Howell Electric Indoor Monster Bug Zapper

Never again worry about a night spent outdoors being ruined by pests when you arm your patio or garden with this Bell + Howell Monster Zapper. Manufactured out of heavy duty plastic and premium metal, the bug zapper is designed to kill bugs on contact. Regardless of whether your peace is being assaulted by mosquitoes, no-see-ums or flies, the bug zapper can take care of them. Even fruit flies are no match for it, thanks to its grates that are large enough to allow bigger insects like flies to get through in a way that some other brands do not. When the bugs hit the net, each and every one of them will be instantly hit with 2800 volts of electricity in order to kill them on contact.

Whether you want to clear out your home, outdoor living space, job site or any other location, the Bell + Howell Monster Zapper is there to help. It is portable enough to be easily carried to and from any area overflowing with bugs and can zap them all with ease. Thanks to the inclusion of the durable chain, you have the option to mount it to a wall if you are concerned about curious little ones trying to stick their fingers into it, or you can use it as a freestanding unit to be placed in any location that you see fit. It offers coverage for large areas no matter where you place them, and it does so without any chemicals, pesticides or odors.

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