Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent, White Baby Canopy Cover

Help your baby enjoy a more comfortable and cozy night’s sleep when you protect them with this Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent. The pop up tent netting fits securely over the top of any standard size baby crib, covering your child’s sleeping space in a netting that will stop them from getting bitten by any insects and mosquitos that make it into their room. Not only this, but because it extends all the way down to the base of the mattress of the crib, the tent can also provide a soft barrier against the bars that will stop their little hands and arms from getting stuck while they sleep.

Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent: Premium Baby Bed Canopy Netting Cover| See Through Mesh Top Nursery Mosquito Net |Stylish and Sturdy Unisex Infant Crib Tent Net |Protect Your Baby from Falls and Bites
The net is crafted out of a remarkably soft material that feels comfortable against your baby’s delicate skin and won’t scratch them or cause redness and irritation. Instead of being made with scratchy material, it is made with a velvety fabric that attaches to a satin style base that feels smooth from top to bottom. Not only this, but it is made from BPA-free materials to ensure that it does not impart any toxins onto their skin as well. Because it is hypoallergenic, even the most sensitive of skin won’t react to the feel of it. The Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent measures a total size of 51 inches in length by 27 inches in width, allowing it to snugly and easily fit onto your baby’s crib without issue. The pop up design allows for installation in seconds.

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