Austin and Mills Large Magnetic Entry Screen Door

When it comes to you exterior entryways, having a mesh door is a way to make the inside feel breezier while making the outside living space easier to get to. The Austin & Mills AM-SD100 Large Magnetic Entry Screen Door is a heavy duty hanging door screen that makes an excellent replacement for standard doors in entryways to your outdoor space. It is fashioned out of high quality mesh, which easily keeps out bugs and pests by providing a mesh barrier between the indoor and outdoor spaces while still promoting plenty of airflow. The mesh is crafted out of heavy duty fiberglass that won’t easily succumb to weather damage, and these mesh doors are designed to cover a doorway as large as 72 inches wide by 80 inches tall and are therefore well suited for most external entryways.

There are 26 magnets built into the seam of the Austin & Mills AM-SD100 Large Magnetic Entry Screen Door, Black. When the door is not being passed through, the center seals up beautifully and leaves no gaps in between, which also goes a long way toward keeping bugs out. Once you walk through the door, it will close again behind you without you having to stop what you’re doing to turn around and close it. While it is strong, it is not so strong that children and pets cannot push their way through the door, giving them more freedom to go play in the yard without you having to constantly let them in and out.

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