AURELIO TECH Magnetic Screen Door

Enjoy greater convenience in both indoor and outdoor living spaces with the AURELIO TECH Magnetic Screen Door. This mesh door is a helpful screen door that allows adults, kids and pets to move through it with the same level of ease and requires no fiddling with a door handle to get through it. This makes it particularly useful for allowing pets to go in and out as they please without human intervention and makes it simpler for hosts to entertain guests in their outdoor space for the same reason: hands-free pass through. The mesh is built to last out of high quality material and features small holes that won’t allow bugs to get through but will allow airflow to be uninhibited.

There are magnets that line the seam of the AURELIO TECH Magnetic Screen Door, working hard to keep it sealed up tightly with no gaps. When you walk through it, the magnets wills separate and then immediately join together again to seal back up once you’ve gone through it. These magnets are strong enough to endure any strong wind gusts without blowing open, making it ideal for outdoor exterior doors to the patio, porch, balcony and beyond. It is simple to install without the use of any additional tools, letting you get it up and ready for use in minutes. It is versatile in the way that it can fit doors as large as 39 inches in width by 83 inches in height, making it ideal for use on almost any threshold in the home.

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