ATHLERIA Electric ULV Fogger for Indoor-Outdoor

Enjoy greater results from your defogging efforts with the help of this portable and convenient ATHLERIA 7L Electric ULV Fogger. The fogger features a high-capacity seven-liter tank that not only saves plenty of time on refilling, but is easy for you to fill as well, thanks to the large liquid infusion opening so you can get back to work sooner. Because of its large volume, it is also able to output more of a spray at once, projecting as far as six to eight feet that will allow you to cover more ground with fewer sweeps of the arm.

No matter what sort of flow you want to get from this fog machine, the ATHLERIA 7L Electric ULV Fogger allows you to easily adjust it according to your preferences. There are screws that allow you to change the spray volume as high as 400 milliliters per minute with an average particle size of only 20 to 50 microns to ensure the most potent spray yet, thanks to the ULV spraying mechanism. The fogger is not only designed to take care of pests in your yard, garden or across your fields, but it can also be used in places like schools, shopping malls, cars, theaters, hotels, restaurants, homes and trains to ensure the elimination of pests or even mold and mildew. Its portable nature makes it simple to carry around wherever you need to defog with handles that allow for a solid, comfortable grip no matter how long you use it.

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