Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door Heavy-duty endurable screen

Make indoor-outdoor living more comfortable and convenient than ever with the help of the Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door is ready to replace your loud, bulky, traditional metal screen door with a lightweight cascade of mesh that serves the same purpose with twice the convenience. With this mesh door, you don’t need to worry about using any door handles to get in and out, making it particularly well suited for use when you are carrying in groceries with both hands or have your hands full with children. Because of its design, it is also easy for kids and pets to walk in and out of it without an adult having to make sure it closes behind them. This is due to the magnets that keep the door sealed up until someone passes through it, at which point it parts effortlessly. Once you have made it to the other side, the magnets close back up automatically, sealing it right back up.

This Aoocan Magnetic Screen Door is built to last, fashioned out of premium mesh that is resistant against the wind and rain. Its higher thread count reinforces its strength and durability while still providing enough space in between the threads to allow air to pass through with ease. The mesh is fine enough that bugs won’t get through, keeping your home free from pests but full of fresh air. Installation is a simple process, and it is ready to be placed on doors as large as 34 inches by 82 inches.

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