ACMETOP Magnetic Screen Door Made of Fiberglass Mesh

Create a more comfortable living space with the help of the ACMETOP Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door serves a similar purpose to any traditional screen door without all of the squeaking and banging that they are often associated with. Instead, they do the work of keeping out bugs and pests while still promoting plenty of airflow into the home, allowing you to fill your home with fresh air without the worry of biting insects getting inside. The mesh itself is fashioned out of high density fiberglass that is resistant to tears and scratches and will withstand exposure to weather over time. At the top of the mesh screen door is reinforced material that helps protect the door from additional tearing and therefore prolongs its life.

The ACMETOP Magnetic Screen Door uses magnets along the center part of the door in order to hold it closed securely and to stop it from blowing open in the wind. These magnets will part with ease when pressure is applied to walk through the center, and then they will automatically seal up again without you having to turn and make sure. While the magnets are strong, they are still giving, making it simple for kids and pets to easily walk through it without any effort and without parents needing to ensure the door closes. It is simple to install and requires no additional tools to place it on an entryway measuring up to 36 inches by 82 inches in size.

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